Digital Forensic

History: Since 1985 we do criminal investigations focussing our work on computer forensic.

Court authenticity: Forensic data analysis using systematic and proof locking methods. We satisfy with probative results.

Independence: We are not bound to any manufacturer or other parties.

Local flexibility: Investigations can be done on site.

Discretion: self-evident

Integrity: Maintaining our value system in accordance with the principles of the Swiss Informatics Society. We can not be influenced.

Objektivity: We use scientific methods.

Professional expertise: A graduated computer scientist and former forensic technician leads the investigations.

Success: Our assignments regularly lead to valuable decision-making principles of our clients. For example for police authorities and banks.

Examination environment: Our manufacturer independence enables the analysis of very heterogeneous IT systems. Databases and conventional logs of all formats can be evaluated.

Proceedings: Our investigations usually follow these steps:

  • Identification: Inventory of the actual security incident.
  • Conservation of evidence: Ensuring the integrity of the data found.
  • Data analysis: Individually tailored analysis to the incident to clarify the incident.
  • Presentation: Preparation of a generally understandable and comprehensible report.