The CEO of Informatik Herzog GmbH is a member of the Swiss Informatics Society.
We attend to the Code of Ethics, approved at the General Assembly of the Swiss Informatics Society November 25th 2005:
1.General Moral Imperatives
As a member of the Swiss Informatics Society I shall...
1.1contribute to the general welfare of society;
1.2respect the privacy and rights of others;
1.3act in an honest and trustworthy manner;
1.4respect material and immaterial property rights.
2.Professional Responsibility
As a member of the Swiss Informatics Society, whilst exercising my profession I shall...
2.1only perform jobs that I can justify both ethically and professionally;
2.2guarantee the highest degree of quality and effectiveness;
2.3acquire and maintain professional competence;
2.4include the subject of social responsibility when imparting professional knowledge;
2.5oppose inappropriate expectations of systems of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT);
2.6observe and apply existing rules and regulations;
2.7access ICT resources only when authorized to do so;
2.8honor contracts and agreements;
2.9accept and provide appropriate professional reviews;
2.10give comprehensive and thorough evaluations of ICT systems and their impacts, including analysis of possible defects and risks;
2.11avoid unnecessary and uncontrollable complexity;
2.12protect material and immaterial resources and not burden future generations unnecessarily.

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